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Welcome to Doctor Lucien D Mocombe's medical clinic in Brooklyn!

Our wonderful staff support Dr Mocombe throughout each treatment and procedure.

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Discover a new kind of healthcare with an experienced physician and friendly medical team! Doctor Lucien D Mocombe is your local medical professional for all your health issues.

Our goal is to offer appropriate and high-quality medical care to people in and around Brooklyn. Make an appointment or visit our medical clinic today for a routine check-up!

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Fully Equipped Clinic

As a general practitioner, Doctor Lucien D Mocombe takes care of you in a fully equipped clinic. Whether for a general check-up or to address a particular disease, our team will provide the best possible care.

Dr Mocombe provides personalized care whatever your medical concern. Our exceptional staff and nurses are friendly, welcoming and available to answer any questions you may have regarding our services. Call us!

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Medical Clinic  Brooklyn

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  • Over 28 years of experience
  • High-quality care and treatments
  • Expert medical assistance
  • Wide range of approaches and treatments
  • Preventative health services
  • Friendly staff

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