Cardiovascular Care

Your heart is the engine that drives your body, and as such care and treatment of your heart is essential to your health and well being. Doctor Mocombe is thoroughly trained in cardiovascular care and always has your best interest at heart. He will do everything in his power to be ascertain your heart's condition and along with regular physical checkups will, if necessary, recommend testing and treatment while also advising.

you regarding initiating a proactive, preventative care approach to maintaining your heart's health. If needed Doctor Mocombe will recommend lifestyle changes related to diet and exercise. This fits within his long term goal of providing a preventative care approach to his patients, which is always preferable to providing a cure or treatment for health issues after they have surface.

Diabetes (which is of particular interest to Doctor Mocombe and has had a significant affect on the population within our local community) can lead to significant cardiovascular problems, so the two health issues are inextricably linked. The sooner we are able to successfully diagnose and treat diabetes and pre-diabetes for patients with these issues the greater success we have in preventing and fighting their cardiovascular health issues.

You only have one heart and it is meant to last a lifetime. Maintaining a healthy heart will help you lead a long and healthy life, and living a healthy lifestyle, with regular physicals, treatment and medication (if needed) will help keep your heart healthy. There are times however, when medication or even surgery may be required to treat more advanced cardiovascular conditions. In these instances Doctor Mocombe is well trained to advise the proper treatment.

Call to make an appointment with Doctor Mocombe or stop by today to arrange a physical or other tests to ensure your cardiovascular system is healthy and set a plan in place to ensure it remains so for the rest of your life.

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